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Smasthera – MultiFunction HIFU + RF + VACCUM

“The world first multi function HIFU machine”

Smasthera HIFU Machine

Smasthera – The world first multi function HIFU machine

Smasthera is a medical device based on usage of high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to improve lifting, elasticity and abdominal circumference. Smasthera is a 3-in-1 product with RF (Radio Frequency) and Vacuum (Air suction) functions that are mainly focused on high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) function. Smasthera has all the functions to improve lifting and elasticity and reduce abdominal circumference. It is the world’s first combined professional lifting equipment.


HIFU is the cutting edge technology in tightening and lifting and it targets the deeper layers of the skin and mainly the SMAS layer where high concentration of collagen is found. By creating thermal coagulation points it stimulates an exceeded collagen production that gives great lifting and tightening results.


RF is well known for its’ wrinkle reducing effectiveness. As the RF heating is volumetric and affects mainly the upper skin layers (epidermis and upper dermis) it may be used treatment for wrinkle reduction and skin smoothness.


Vacuum treatment has two functions. It helps opening the lymph nodes and stimulates what is called lymph drainage – an acceleration of the natural process of flushing away body waste and toxins.

In Action

Introducing Smasthera (HIFU+RF+VACCUM)

Technical Specifications


  • HIFU Multi + Single transducers
  • Single transducer with spot and auto types
  • 3 sizes Radio Frequency handles
  • Vacuum suction function
  • LED blue and red light
  • No pain
  • Reasonable cost

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